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Smart Card Simulation for High-Performance Development and Test Environments

The achelos virtual.card.kit simulates various types of chip cards in development and test environments. Test the logical and physical components of your chip card application with the achelos virtual.card.kit. The product package consists of hardware and software components and is a flexible tool suitable for  numerous applications across a broad spectrum of industries.

The virtual.card.kit simulates the electronic health card and the digital tachograph

The virtual.card.kit works in combination with simulations and test suites from the Qumate.World family and presents a powerful solution for high-class quality assurance. The card application designer, tester, and
viewer tools support the generation and testing of object systems in the electronic health card (Gen. 2) and digital tachograph (Gen. 1+2) environment.

The virtual.card.kit:

  • Supports users developing and testing components and applications in the chip card environment
  • Simulates the physical and logical chip card processes (operating system and card application)
  • Provides interfaces for a simulation to read, save, and modify the internal statuses of the operating system
  • Is flexible due to a broad range of chip card simulations for various industries (eHealth, eID,  eEnergy, ePayment, eMobility, eTransport)

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