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Check the Security of your Networks

When servers communicate with each other or with client systems, the security of these connections is today absolutely necessary. You want to know who is connected with each other and you want to encrypt the transmitted data, so that third parties cannot read or modify it. These network connections are secured by cryptographic means.

Be on the Safe Side!

Find errors in the implementation and configuration of your secure networks before hackers are successful. Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Internet Key Exchange (IKE) / Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) are recognized standards for secure networks today. The implementation and the correct use of existing libraries is a major challenge. The available variety of configuration options is so extensive that loopholes for attackers can arise during the integration as well as during the later/following configuration of the productive system. achelos provides you with a powerful test tool to find these gaps and errors to ensure that your network connections become secure.

Product variants of our TLS / IKE test environment:

The Qumate.Security.World test suites are individually available, including test tools. Whether developers, users or operators here you will find the right solution for your test project.

The following variants are suitable for manufacturers and developers:

  • Qumate.Security.TLS.Client
  • Qumate.Security.TLS.Server
  • Qumate.Security.IKE-IPsec

 Operators of secure networks check their installations with:

  •  Qumate.Security.TLS.Checklist

achelos Test Suites Protect your Network

Qumate.Security.TLS, and Qumate.Security.IKE investigate your product for secure implementation and behavior against errors that are often used by hackers to enter your protected data networks.

Security Testing of TLS Implementations

A test environment is provided in the Qumate.Security.World to verify the properties of the TLS implementation of clients and servers. On the basis of test aspects, which are aligned by test laboratories to an aimed CC evaluation of a network component, achelos has developed a product-independent TLS test tool. Qumate.Security.TLS behaves either as a client to scan your servers or as a server to investigate client behavior.

Check your IKE / IPsec Implementation

In parallel to TLS, achelos has developed the Qumate.Security.IKE test suite, to check the Internet Key Exchange implementation. The IKE tool is also focused on test aspects of the IPsec layer.

High Performance Tools

Test objectives are the verification of the complete structure of the TLS or IKE connection up to the mutual authentication and the reaction to faulty behavior:

  • Missing or incorrect communication parts
  • Incorrect key material
  • Incorrect certificates
  • Unsuitable cipher suites
  • Incorrect response to manipulations

Optimise the Development of your Network Component

With test suites from achelos you are able to check network components already used in the market.

Advantages for Manufacturers:

  • Efficient and high-quality development through development-accompanying test procedures
  • Time savings provide competitive advantage by faster market launch
  • Optimal results in the certification process through standardized test procedures with meaningful test reports
  • Individual configurability of the desired tests

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