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Test the Security of your Java Card

Attacks on Java Cards are no Rarity

In addition to payment applications a variety of other applications can be installed simultaneously on a multi-application Java CardTM. The firewall of the Java Card has the task to securely separate applications from each other and to protect data from unauthorised access, spying or manipulation. Often attacks on a firewall are not detected until an acute abuse has occurred. Apart from a high loss of reputation and trust, unexpected consequential damage may arise, especially when payment applications have been accessed.

Areas of Application and increased Risk Potential

Java Card technology is increasingly being built into devices as an embedded solution, e.g. (e)UICC. As a central communication unit, this puts them more into the focus of hackers.

Assure the Integrity of your Java Card with JC Inspector

With JC Inspector from achelos, you can check the functional security of Java Cards, and the integrity of the loaded applets during installation on the card. A correct behavior according to the JC specification is necessary especially for the functionality of safety-critical components of the JavaCard operating system, such as the firewall of the runtime environment, the virtual machine or the Crypto API.Through high transparency and performance, JC Inspector enables test management at the highest level.

Benefit from more than 20,000 Test Cases

JC Inspector is the ideal extension for the official Java Card TCK test suite*. With more than 20,000 test cases, JC Inspector is one of the most extensive Java Card test suites on the market. In this test depth it highlights a large variety of test aspects and offers you optimum protection for your Java Card.

(*Java Card Technology Compatibility Kit (Java Card TCK) and the test bench. This software was developed by Oracle.)

Flexible Test Management for your Java Card

JC Inspector from achelos supports a variety of Java Card versions (back to version 2.2.1) and types, such as (e)UICC, EMV or M2M. The test suite exclusively uses official Java Card and GlobalPlatform interfaces and protocols. JC Inspector performs automated test cases, coordinates the intelligent loading and deleting of the Java Card applets and visualises the test results in detail. In addition, JC Inspector also includes the complete test specification of the tests so that detailed analysis of the detected errors and risks can be carried out by the user.

Choose the best possible combination for your application from our various test suites. Tailored to meet the requirements of your project, we offer the following test suites from our JC Inspector series:

Overview of Test Suites (TS) and Testing Aspect (TA)

  1. JC Inspector.Firewall.TS
  2. JC Inspector.Cryptographic Security.TS

    • TA: Cryptographic API (in planning)
    • TA: Object Firewall
    • TA: Funktionalit├Ąt (in planning)

  3. JC Inspector.Virtual Machine.TS
  4. JC Inspector.Feature Analysis.TS

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