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Tachograph Testsuite – Your Test System for Tachograph Cards

Technology Partner for the Digital Tachograph

With more than 15 years experience in development, certification (Common Criteria) and testing of digital tachographs (cards and firmware) achelos has built up key knowledge in this field.

achelos tachograph test suite checks the functionality of all tachograph cards in a fully automated test environment. The Eclipse RCPTM  based environment with JavaTM  developed tests allows end-to-end testing with additional options to extend or customise the test environment or testsuite.

Key features and benefits:

  • Parallel, fully automated test execution for all type of tachograph cards in one session
  • Simple maintenance and extension
  • Free configuration of the cryptographic material
  • Dynamic checks
  • Based on the Qumate.Testcenter
  • Fully implemented in JavaTM
  • Optional: plug-ins e.g. certificate generation (PKI)
  • No special hardware required

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