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Qumate.eEnergy.World Tests Smart Meter Gateways in Smart Grids

The energy market is facing great challenges as a result of changing roles between energy users, suppliers, producers and network operators.


A large number of new, nationwide systems for metering and billing gas, electricity and water  are being installed in private households. The communication between measuring point, gateways and background systems should not only be reliable, but also assure data security and comply with data protection rules as well as prevent a possible manipulation of measurement values.

Testing End-to-End Security with Qumate.eEnergy.World

The aim is to ensure “end-to-end security” of data metering, transfer and processing along the entire business process through employing dedicated systems and components. In future Qumate.eEnergy.World can be used to test end-to-end security of individual components in compliance with TR03109, for example, a smart meter gateway in a smart grid.